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filislashkili's Journal

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Fili/Kili slash
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This is a Fili/Kili slash fiction community. Here we share 18+ content. Nobody below that age is allowed to join and read said content. Slash means homoerotic. Fili and Kili are dwarven brothers in a book called "The Hobbit". This OTP is sometimes referred to as Durincest. If you are offended by the concepts described above: DO NOT JOIN.
Please post stories, artwork and anything that pertains to Fili/Kili freely but place all 18+ material under an LJ cut, marking it with an age rating. No spam or abuse will be tolerated. Any wilful attempt to attack members of this community with hate will result in a ban. There is a three strike rule in place which may be overridden by certain behaviours. Please speak to each other respectfully and enjoy.
I do not own the copyright of JRR Tolkien's works and certainly mean no offense. This is all in fun. Dean O'Gorman plays Fili and Aidan Turner plays Kili in the films so their imagery is used here but not maliciously and not with the intention to upset or defame.

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